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Yasuko Bonkowski

Dog Trainer and Japanese Interpreter for Prewitt Canine Training Academy . After graduating from Prewitt Canine Training Academy, Yasuko started her own dog training business in Vancouver,  and has a weekly radio show on a Japanese station giving dog behaviour advise and training tips.

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Nina Houghton

                                                                                                                                                                    Graduate of The Prewitt Program Professional Dog Trainer Courses                         Specializing in Recreational Tracking                                                                        Instructor & Administrative assistant at Prewitt Canine Training Academy   Director of Training at Alpha Dog Training Company, Yaletown, BC

Tony Giotto

Graduate of The Prewitt Program Professional Dog Training Courses                        Specializing in Personal Protection                                                                              Instructor at Prewitt Canine Training Academy                                                                    Director of Training at A-Z Dog Training Company, Burnaby, BC

Stephanie Prewitt

-Canine Behaviourist  & Master Dog Trainer

-RPN - Registered Psychiatric Nurse 1968-2000

-BSc  Equiv. - Bachelor’s Degree Equivalent in the Behavioural Sciences

-GPD - Graduate Professional Dog Trainer

-Member of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC

-BC Regional Director CAPPDT 2001 - 2006 (The Canadian Association  of Professional Pet Dog Trainers)

-Owner/Director Prewitt Canine Training Academy - PPSEC/PCTIA Registered Trade School from 2002-2008

-Reiki Practitioner (Recommended by Veterinarians)

-NLP Counsellor (neurolinguistic programming is the science of interpreting the subconscious meaning of body and verbal language)

-Published writer

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