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Prewitt Canine Training Academy at the College is proud of the work our participants have accomplished through compassionate canine training around the globe. Below are some testimonials that reflect our students' successes and their personal thoughts on their learning experience.

“I did a lot of research from my home here in Edmonton, and took a lot of time trying to find that "perfect"program and a highly knowledgable teacher, I found exactly what I was searching for with Stephanie Prewitt at The International College of Canine Behavioural Science. It was hard to find a positive reinforcement training method without treats, I found it there, with Stephanie. She teaches you not just how to train but the reason behind the actions, the actual psychology of a dog. I got the one on one attention that is worth the cost in itself but she also has very nice accommodations. I highly recommend this course and will be going back as soon as possible to take my tracking course.” - Erin Wischinski

“After dog grooming for 8 years, I decided to further my knowledge of understanding dog psychology. It took a lot of researching different dog training schools in my home town in Gold Coast, Australia, but couldn’t find any schools that could show me how to train dogs without food rewards as I have always known that you don’t need food to train dogs. I decided to look outside of Australia after a year of searching I found the International college of Canine Behavioural Science.  The depth of knowledge that I received in understanding how dogs really think and the practical application of a praise/play reward system confirmed my previous experience that  food rewards are not necessary and in fact can be a hindrance in dog training at any level. Just as valuable as the lectures were the handling classes where I was coached one on one in person by stephanie Prewitt with real live dogs in real live situations including obedience, agility, tracking and behavioural problem solving.”

- Nicole Snakey

“At the age of 16 I began training dogs, and with the advantage of the flexible hours offered, I was able to complete my classes while attending high school. Currently, I am studying Environmental Geosciences at Queen's University as a full time student, while training dogs part time to help finance my education I would definitely recommend the seminars/lectures & handling classes  taught by Prewitt Canine Training Academy. They are practical, hands on, challenging, and most importantly, tons of fun! Stephanie's love and passion for dogs shines through in her work and has been a source of inspiration throughout the years. Thank you, Nicole” - Nicole Schaffer

After completing my classes I began training dogs and other animals for the film industry.  The knowledge and experience I received from Stephanie allowed me to be more confident and aware of the animals I handle. I definitely appreciate all that I learned from Stephanie. Her love for her career makes it a pleasure to be her student. The courses' flexible hours allowed me to work a full time job and get an education at the same time. Not only did she provide me with a great understanding for dogs she also made the process of learning a lot of fun. Thank you very much Stephanie for your hard work and dedication towards your students. Thanks, Courtney

“After completing my courses from Stephanie,  I started my own dog training business in Vancouver, work at Prewitt Canine Training Academy as an interpreter & instructor, and have a weekly radio show on a Japanese station giving dog behaviour advise and training tips.” - Yasuko (Staff Member)

“Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, technique and passion for dogs with me.  I enjoyed the courses very much and I learned so many new things about dogs. Since I've had my dog, Daichi, I've had some problems with him (like pulling on the leash, not coming when called etc.) and I simply looked for solutions. But I never thought why he behaved this way. And then I learned that"All behaviour has meaning" and it is very important to understand how dogs think !! And also you taught us that the only way to have a good bond with dogs is to work with them CONSISTENTLY. "NO MAGIC !!" If a handler changes, the dog changes. This is what you showed us. Your skills are amazing! Now I've trained my dog everyday and built up a working bond with him. I hope I can help some other people in near future. Thanks again.” - Miyuki Kato & Daichi, Yellowknife, NT

“After researching many courses and dog training schools I finally found Stephanie Prewitt's Program. I completed and graduated from three levels of professional dog training courses, started my own dog training business after the first level while continuing through levels two and three.

It has always been my passion to work with and have a better understanding of our canine companions and Stephanie's extensive knowledge, experience and passion for her work gave me the tools and resources to fully understand  and properly handle dogs.  I found the classes to be highly informative and invaluable when it came to working with my own clients.  Stephanie is a patient and thorough teacher and my education was highly rewarding.  Than you.”  Nina Houghton

“After graduating from my courses at taught by Prewitt Canine Training Academy, I returned to Japan where I now have my own successful dog training business.”

- Miki and Noah